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Alumni Sharing Their Experiences As Former team.i Students

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

– Nelson Mandela

As an institution, we at team.i have strived to provide every opportunity to our students, encouraging them to explore, discover and experiment as we believe that in doing so they receive a wholesome education. To hear them share their warm words of appreciation and gratitude motivates us to better ourselves and continue doing what we do best – Discovering event professionals of the future. 

Read on to see what some of our alumni have to share about their experiences as former team.i students.

Vincent, taught my batch production and his classes saw full attendance every time. This was one session each one of us looked ahead to and why not? Here we had a faculty who would teach us the intricate of every aspect of production and also make the class interesting. And as production is more with executions, his presentations had a lot of pictures which gave us not just the theoretical knowledge but also helped in recognising the kinds of lights, sound systems etc when we actually saw at any event.  He made learning about one of the most important verticals in events so much fun and interesting by giving us group projects. For me he was amongst the best faculties I have come across who had in-depth knowledge of the subject and knew the tricks to keep the class engaged and attentive.

2009-2012 Batch

Sprihi kanodia<br />

Mr. Vincent was one of the only faculty members we encountered that gave us such a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Right from the birth of the idea of an event to clearing up the debris at the venue, he covered every single aspect that goes into an event. The teachings were realistic as opposed to glamorous and gave us a real sense of what kind of industry we were stepping into. All this via interactive discussions and real-life examples from events he had orchestrated himself. Mr. Vincent was patient and always encouraged us to ask questions and his classes are definitely some of the most memorable ones I have attended. His teachings on Event Planning, Costing, License & Permissions, Event Safety and the other aspects of Event Management are of great help to me in my career.

2009-2010 Batch

Adarsh G P Jain

I was always under the impression that event management was a mind concept, you think, you do and you make money. Mr. Vincent D’Roza changed that. It was during the classes he took for our batch where he made us understand that event management was similar to any other profession where you are required to be focused, have a plan that needs to be executed. If it is in your mind, put it down on paper and review your plan time and again as events are never static, they are dynamic, always changing. 

I remember that I would look forward to his class, as he made the event management class -a no nonsense business – similarly would run back home to review the class work and read examples for the same over the internet.

2008-2009 Batch

Manisha Lobo

team.i has been one of the best experiences in my life. During my course, the class I looked up to most was production. From practical sessions to finer details of sizes, technical’s etc were all well explained & taught by Vincent. If I am what I am today, it’s all credit to team.i.

2008-2009 Batch

Melvin Manuel

As an elementary student in the event industry, I learnt the basics of production from Vincent.  From classroom sessions to first hand practical sessions, Vincent ensured that we understand the dynamics of event production thoroughly. Today, if I can execute events individually, I would owe the knowledge to Vincent and the faculty at team.i.

2008-2009 Batch

Lavanya Kaleeswaran

The most important lesson I take back from team.i is ‘what not to do’. This one year at team.i has been a mix bag of everything. Friends, values and education- something i won’t leave behind.

 2012-2013 Batch

Crystal Desa

team.i has been a wonderful learning experience, help me in building networks and helped in knowing my caliber and capabilities.

 2012-2013 Batch

Visakha Makhariya

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