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An Interview with Chitra Shree from team.i

Organised, meticulous and articulate, our next student speaker finds her forte when it comes to being a part of presentations and interacting with fellow peers and clients alike. 

Passionate is hardly sufficient a word to describe the young professional that Chitra Shree has grown to become in the last few months. A hands on and dedicated student, Chitra strives to give her 100% in everything that she sets out to do regardless of the challenges that come with it.

Chitra wishes to one day be a part of a Client Servicing team in the space of event management and is spending her time gaining as much knowledge and industry experience, all thanks to team.i.

Her Story

Born and raised in Bangalore, Chitra completed her schooling and PUC in the city before going on to join team.i. Her passion towards event management surfaced when she was in her 2nd PUC and had begun thinking about her future and her career goals.

Confused by the vast array of opportunities available today, she was unclear as to what she wanted to pursue as a career. It was around this time that she came across an article on social media about event management.

Curious and interested to know more about the field she began her research and soon found herself invested in learning more about it. She finally decided to pursue the Certificate Program in Event Management and was grateful for the support of her parents in her decision to follow her passion.  

 What Made Her Choose Event Management

Ever since she can remember, Chitra was sure of not wanting to be a part of the corporate world. As someone who was keen about following her heart and ensuring that she did what interested her, Chitra attended a Career Utsav program and got to know about the event industry better and was confident in her decision in pursuing the program.

While there were many who told her about the drawbacks of pursuing a non-conventional career she was head-strong and determined in doing what she was passionate about.   

What Her Journey With team.i Has Been Like

“When you’re interested and passionate about something, you will give your 100% no matter what” – Chitra never felt that she was missing out on anything when she decided to forgo doing a graduation because she was very sure in her decision to pursue a career in event management and was confident in acquiring the right knowledge and skill set from team.i. team.i’s professional approach towards ensuring students are industry ready have been instrumental in teaching her a great deal with respect to the industry. 

She goes on to share some of her favorite moments in class interacting with the faculty and her peers while working on some interesting and stimulating class projects and assignments.

Teaching them some of the most fundamental aspects of event management in a fun and interesting manner makes the faculty at team.i very popular among the students who look up to them and are ever grateful for their constant support and guidance. 

Her Experience Working On Industry Projects

Chitra found the IP’s to be a little bit challenging because of the late nights but managed to see it through regardless. All thanks to team.i and their concern and support, Chitra managed to be a part of 10 IP’s during her time at team.i.

Her biggest takeaway from attending all these industry projects was her understanding of self learning and the effort one needs to put in in order to benefit from these experiences. 

What Chitra Has Been Up to During The Lockdown

Chitra has been spending her time in lockdown relaxing and spending quality time with her family. Passionate about music as well, Chitra has been concentrating on polishing her musical skills during this time along with working on up-skilling her Microsoft knowledge.

She has been busy attending the online classes conducted by team.i and investing her time and effort on making sure she does a good job on her class assignments and projects. 

Her Plans For The Future

Chitra is confident about getting placed after completing the Certificate Program at team.i and wants to be a part of a Client Servicing team. During the course of one year, she can see her improvement in her communication skills and is looking forward to continuing her learning and executing her good presentation skills.

As someone who can handle and interact with clients well, is patient and can pull off any work with 100% dedication, Chitra believes that there is a lot of learning that still needs to be done but is excited to get started.

Why She Believes She Should Get Hired

Organised, patient, good at her presentation skills, gives her 100% and is not a quitter. These are some of the attributes that Chitra believes defines her professional qualities best and is keen and eager to see the world of opportunities that it will open for her in the future.

We wish Chitra the very best of luck and all the success for her future endeavours.

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