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An Interview with Dinesh Khanna

From producing live events, hosting launches, working with 3D mapping technology and specialised lighting, our next guest speaker is an expert in some of the most promising avenues in the industry. Production Consultant at ‘The Epoch,’ Dinesh Khanna who with over 20 years experience in the industry has been a part of several large scale events. Some of these events included the AR Rahman Concert in 2005, the international Jazz and Blues concert in 2016 and making it to the Limca book of records for creating the largest 3D laptop hoarding studio in 2008.

His Story

An engineer by qualification, Dinesh was an active fester in college and in the year 2000 went on to provide consultancy services for small scale event companies around Bangalore. It soon led him to consider starting his own company and in 2001 he created ‘The Epoch’ meaning ‘the beginning of a new era’ in Greek and in English it meant, ‘creating something unexpected,’ and today 18 years later they provide consulting services for some of the biggest concerts and events in the country.

They have even provided production services and other operational and logistics services to some of the largest events that took place in the last decade. In 2004, he did his first ever satellite DJ Party in Indiranagar club where the DJ was playing live from Singapore with the event seeing one of the biggest crowds till date. Soon after that, he decided to streamline their expertise towards catering solely to technical, infrastructural and logistical aspects of events and specialised in these areas in particular.

Work Experiences

Speaking fondly of his time doing the AR Rahman concert back in 2005, Dinesh recalls his learning in terms of the patience, perfection and deliverance that can ultimately make or break the success of any event. There was no looking back since then given the opportunities this event brought them. Soon after that, he started concentrating on newer and more challenging projects and in 2010 started working on large scale 3D projects.

He shares other experiences and his processes of choosing unique projects that required innovative and technical solutions including the Euphoria project where the challenges they had to face on the day of the event and the crisis management approach used can help event management students better understand more finer details when it comes to organising an event.

Working on creating the world’s biggest laptop model with an inbuilt air conditioned room from where RJ’s from the Indigo radio channel live streamed their broadcast for the project is yet another one of his masterpieces that went on to win him a title in the Limca Book of Records.

His Take On The Pandemic

Mentally prepared for the pandemic to last up till the summer of 2021, Dinesh strongly believes that at this point, working towards re-establishing ourselves and finding ways to promote the survival of the industry is what is important. He has been working with wedding planners on infrastructural based projects and learning lots of new skills all while eagerly waiting for things to start back soon.

2021 And His Plans For The New Year

Dinesh believes that the coming year will be a slow one in terms of business and the losses that were suffered this year will greatly impact the future of the industry in the coming 12 months. However, as the severity of the situation seems to be trickling down slowly, he hopes to see some more small scale events take place. With not much hope for concerts and other large scale events, he feels that with the increased competition, the next year will be all about going the extra mile and offering newer, more creative experiences for the client. Dinesh also promotes the idea of collaborating with fellow event managers to help each other and in turn to contribute towards the longevity of the industry.

Parting Thoughts

Dinesh ends his session by sharing a few words with event management students who will be freshly entering the industry in the coming year. While he says that it will be a difficult start, given the present market conditions, he is also confident that it will give them all an opportunity to learn from these difficult times thus making them better prepared for any challenges in the long run.

It was indeed a pleasure being in conversation with Dinesh Khanna and getting to know about his journey and experiences better.

In case you missed out on the live session, head on over to our Instagram page to watch the recording.

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