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An Interview with Farooq Sabrad

As an event planner, being able to efficiently integrate the strengths of each member of the team is one of the most challenging tasks, one that our next student speaker not only enjoys doing but is exceptionally good at.
Farooq Sabrad, is a passionate, resilient and hard working student who enjoys a good challenge. An organised and committed young professional, Farooq has his sights set on landing a position in the space of Production and Operations in the events sector.
A sociable and outgoing person, Farooq enjoys interacting with his peers and clients and we enjoyed having him join us to share his story at team.i and his aspirations for the future.

His Story

Born and raised in Gangavathi, a small town in Karnataka, Farooq completed his Bachelors in Commerce before moving on to help his brother in his business. It was during this time that he came to know about team.i from an alumni and started exploring the events in his region.

One of the major events he explored was the Hampi Utsav and was excited at the thought of learning how to plan the production and operation of the event and thus started his journey as a student at team.i where he enrolled for the Certificate Program in Event Management.

His journey at team.i

As someone who came into the institute with no prior knowledge about the industry, Farooq has done exceptionally well over the last few months and he owes it all to the brilliant faculty at team.i. From teaching them the basic concepts to helping them implement them in a real life setting, Farooq is grateful for all the support and guidance meted out to him at team.i. Learning about Presentation skills, Professional etiquette, Efficient Communication and other soft skills has helped Farooq grow significantly as a well rounded individual over the last 11 months. Humble and grounded, Farooq is quick to add that while he may have learnt a lot, there is still work that needs to be done and is dedicated to going all the way in order to establish his career as an event professional someday.
Farooq had the opportunity to be a part of 13 Industry Projects during his time at team.i and learnt a great deal about the industry through it. The Pro Kabbadi league being one of the many where he worked as a member of the Wifi servicing team under the media and tech department. From working late nights to engaging with the team and enhancing his technological knowledge, Farooq learnt a lot by being a part of the event.

How his time at team.i has been of use to him

Determined and eager to keep learning and growing as an event professional, Farooq is looking forward to the opportunities that his association with team.i will bring him. From improving his language to developing his skills and his understanding of the industry, Farooq is confident that his career will be greatly impacted by his learning at team.i.

Why he believes he will be the right candidate for the job he is looking for

Farooq is keen on working in the field of Production and Operations given that he enjoys interacting with people and being able to first hand experience being a part of a large and dedicated service providing team. As someone who is passionate about his work, all Farooq asks is an opportunity to show just what he can do. Not letting his shortcomings define his work and approach to life, he is all set to seize every opportunity that comes his way. Flexible, organised with a result oriented work approach, Farooq is equipped with a sound understanding of Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

What he’s been up to since the lockdown

Apart from attending the online classes conducted by team.i, Farooq has been working on understanding more about the space of virtual events and enhancing his skills and knowledge of the industry since the onset of the pandemic.
It was wonderful to have Farooq share his story with us and we wish him the very best of luck in all that he sets out to accomplish.
In case you missed out on the live session, do check out our Instagram page to watch the recording.

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