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An Interview with Gourav Kothari, team.i Student

Energetic and enthusiastic, our next student speaker is committed towards giving his best in everything that he undertakes. With an impressive skill set in media marketing and creative content, Gourav Kothari is interested in working with the Productions department of event management in the near future. A hard worker and passionate young event professional, we look forward to hearing what Gourav has to share with us over the course of this session.

His Story

Born in Andhra, Gourav and his family travelled a lot before settling down in Chennai as a result of his father’s business. Once in Chennai, Gourav completed his schooling before going on to pursue a Bachelors in Science. However, 6 months into the course, Gourav realised that it was not something he enjoyed doing and wanted to be a part of a more creative and experiential field.

Since his school days, Gourav has had an affinity towards organising and executing events and this gave him the idea to pursue an event management course. 

Thus started his quest towards finding an institute in Bangalore that catered to his professional needs while also giving him the right industry exposure. He was fortunate to get in touch with an alumni and learnt more about the team.i institute before making a decision to be a part of the team.i fraternity. Since then, it has been an experience worth a lifetime and one he truly appreciates.   

His Journey At team.i

As the first student of his batch, Gourav has been a part of several Industry Projects including the very first IP, the TCS 10k Run where he was given the chance to experience a live event from the perspective of an event manager for the very first time.

As someone who suffers from stage fright, Gourav is immensely proud of how far he has come joining team.i. Apart from that, each class proved to be an opportunity to learn and experience something new about the industry, making for a great learning experience. 

Gourav has been a part of 8 industry projects during his time at team.i, and each one served to be an incredible experience where along with having a lot of fun, he learnt several practical concepts as well. Being a part of such large scale events where many people were involved, gave Gourav the opportunity to explore the different roles and responsibilities given to him and first-hand experience the hard work, effort and commitment that goes into organising an event.

Instagram Page

What started as a photography editing hobby soon turned out to be one of his biggest achievements. Curious about exploring the space of meme creation on a versatile platform such as Instagram, Gourav soon got in touch with other influences on the social media platform and is today the co-owner of the biggest meme page in India on Instagram.

With over 10 million followers, Gourav along with his team have mastered the technique of not only creating quality content but also drawing in the crowd while building a sense of curiosity and interest among the masses. Gourav even shared with us a few tricks and tips to increase one’s Instagram visibility and follower base thus proving his immense success in the area. 

His Time In Lockdown

Gourav has been keeping busy during the lockdown, working on his instagram account and pitching to clients to run campaigns and other digital marketing ideas.

He has gotten the chance to work  with some of the biggest players in the market including, Asian paints, Amazon Prime, Netflix and Fitness brands to name a few. This time has been incredibly profitable for him where he has learnt and experienced a lot. 

His Plans For The Future

Gourav is keen to gain as much industry experience as possible and is looking to get the right kind of exposure that will help launch his career as an event professional. Having worked with event planners in the past, Gourav has been a part of organising events and is aware of the kind of hard-work and dedication that it requires. At the moment, he is eager to explore the various options that the industry is today working with to find his niche.

Why Production?

Having been a part of several event production teams in the past as a result of the IP’s completed at team.i, Gourav is confident in his knowledge and execution as a production professional. However, he also wants to explore his options and see what else he can do and utilize the resources provided to the best of his abilities. 

Parting Thoughts

Enthusiastic, punctual, and someone who is unafraid to go the extra mile and give his 100% to any task, Gourav is excited and ready to work in the space of events in the near future and establish himself as a versatile event professional.

It was an absolute pleasure chatting with Gourav where we learnt more about him and his journey at team.i. We wish him the very best of luck and every success for the future.

In case you missed out on watching the live session, do check out the recording on our Instagram Page linked here.

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