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An Interview with Jai Mundra from Beep Experience

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – A saying that speaks volumes in terms of how we perceive and define success. It is through following one’s passion, staying committed and constantly up-skilling himself that our next guest speaker has achieved the recognition that is today bestowed upon him.

Jai Mundra is the Founder and Managing Director of, ‘Beep Experience,’ who with an industry experience of over 15 years, has worked on creating result driven events and activations with multiple brand categories across the industry.

The Journey…

On the evening of August 14th, we were joined by Jai Mundra where we covered all things event management. We began the session with Jai fondly recalling his childhood memories and his introduction to the world of events, from his father who encouraged him to be on stage, taught him the nuances of working with the backend team and generally developing his confidence in addressing gatherings and to today running his own company. Sharing his wonderful and heartfelt journey with us, we came to  understand that it was in his initiative to step up when called for that has made Jai Mundra the man he is today.

Very early on into his career did he understand the significance of ‘Dignity of labor’ and continues to practise and propagate it in his own company today. Having tried his hand at a business venture relating to the packaging of novelty items, he came to the realization that it was in planning, executing and overseeing live events that he was most interested in.

While the business venture taught him volumes in terms of perseverance and patience, it also made him realize that all good things must come to an end and life must continue in the quest of yet another exciting direction.

Jai’s first ever production as an independent event planner was staging theatrical plays in Chennai to cater to the entertainment needs of the North Indians residing in the city and is one of his fondest memories having collaborated with his father on the project.

As someone who comes across as unafraid to voice his shortcomings Jai prefers to look at them as great learning opportunities, and accepts the reasons for its fallout. 

We went on to discuss the benefits of managing and maintaining smaller sized teams where Jai elaborated on several instances that his own company benefited from.

COVID and the Impact on Business

With the pandemic wrecking havoc across the event industry for the last 6 or so months, Jai has had to deal with event cancellations, cutting overhead costs and letting some of his staff go. While he says that it was some of the hardest decisions that needed to be made, it was what needed to be done.

Today, he and his team are working from home and spending their time up-skilling and keeping themselves up-to-date with the latest digital marketing strategies and tools in order to cater to the new hybrid event demands that will be taking over the industry in the next few months. While they are under a lot more stress executing virtual events, it is at the moment the only alternative domain to explore within the event space given the current situation.

At the moment, he believes that collaboration is the best way forward in order to cater to the needs of the clients by collaborating with someone who can channelize your weakness in the right manner. 

Parting message to the Event Planners of Today

“You are the torchbearers of the industry and are more in tune with the latest technological developments than the older, more established event planners. You have the opportunity to be the young leaders most agencies need.

Event Management will never die and is here to stay. It will come back even if it comes back differently and might be even better than before. In the meantime, re skill and work towards being relevant to the industry. Stay put, and learn to adapt. That is all anyone can do at the moment”

Charming, witty and carefree, Jai Mundra was a joy to interact with. His take on the current situation in the industry and his overall positivity towards believing that in all the downfalls, there are several opportunities to learn from Jai gave us a valuable insight into the potential future of the event industry proving to be of great benefit for our students at team.i

In case you missed out on the live session, do check out the video on our Instagram Page.

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