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An Interview with Sujith Raj

A hard worker and committed to doing the best he can, our next student speaker is an alumni of the Daksha PU College in Mysore. Since he can remember, Sujith Raj has found his passion in the field of event management and has worked very hard to get to where he is today.
Keen on working in the space of Productions within the event management industry, Sujith is looking forward to exploring the plethora of opportunities that his time spent at teami has opened up for him.

His Story

Sujith completed his schooling and PUC in Mysore and began working for his father, a flower merchant all the while figuring out what he wanted to do with his life. On the advice of his father who catered to many event management companies, supplying flowers, Sujith decided to explore the space of event management. He soon found himself looking up some of the top event management institutes in the city and came across team.i.

After that, it was smooth sailing and he was introduced to the course and its outcomes and found himself eager and excited to begin his journey as a student of team.i. As someone who was completely new to the industry, Sujith was constantly motivated and encouraged by the faculty, staff and peers to explore his options and get comfortable with his environment. Coming in with a limited knowledge about the industry and the work that an event planner does, Sujith was pleasantly surprised to realise the large scope and relevance that the industry has.

His Learning While Working On Industry Projects

Sujith has attended 10 industry projects including the Pro Kabbadi League, The Avengers station, The Moto Sol event, and the Didac event. He goes on to tell us about his time at the Didac event, an educational exhibition event that needed a lot of work and long work hours where he learnt a lot in the process.

Why Productions ?

Sujith has been in the production team all through the team.i IP’s that he worked on and has a lot of experience in this space. He looks forward to exploring this space in depth and improving his understanding of his learning and execution to the best of his abilities.

Theory Classes Attended

Over the course of the program, Sujith has learnt a lot, from grooming, physical presentation, preparing for interviews along with many other practical skills. The other areas that he sees himself having improved in include his better understanding of the English language, framing sentences, emails, learning the concept and usage of 3Dmax, along with exploring the area of virtual events and its application in the industry today.

His Time In Lockdown

Since the lockdown began Sujith has been helping his father with his business, from receiving the flower supplies to packing and distributing them across the city, he has been lending his hand in it all. Apart from that, he has been spending time with family and friends and making the most of his free time.

His Strengths

Having worked in the space of event productions in the past, Sujith is confident in his ability to contribute towards growth, and generating ideas and suggestions at whichever event company he works with.

Parting Thoughts

A hard worker who ensures that he does his part to the fullest and contributes to the best of his abilities, Sujith is a promising, young event professional ready to take on the world of events and find his niche.

It was a joy having Sujith join us for this session and hear him share his stories with us and we wish him the best of luck and every success in all that he sets out to do.

In case you missed out on the live session, do head on over to our Instagram Page to watch the recording.

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