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Basics Of Wedding Planning – team.i Bootcamp

To kick start this year’s bootcamp sessions, we would like to start off with someone who is a strong believer in “Creating an experience not just an event”

Ms. Manasa P Kumar will be the first speaker of this 2 day long event who will be speaking on the topic-”Basics of Wedding Planning” on the 25th & 26th April 2020 via a Zoom call.

It will be a 4 hour session on each day – 25th & 26th April 2020.

An engineer by education but an event planner by profession, Manasa realized at the age of 21 that her passion lay in planning and organizing events that become a lifelong experience for her clients. 

She is a driven and hardworking individual and enjoys sharing her 13 years of experience with willing participants.

This session will be open to each and every one of you who is passionate about organizing not only weddings but any memorable celebrations and one day wishes to run his/her very own event company.

Some of the topics that will be covered include: 

  1. A brief about the wedding industry
    2. Vendor management
    3. Client servicing
    4. Event Production
    5. Checklist & tools
    6. Marketing – basics
    7. Strategy & planning

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn some of the latest techniques and tools to master the world of wedding planning.

Check back, we will update the post with the session review

Post Updated – 

Bootcamp was a great success and a positive beginning to what we hope will continue to be a well received series of sessions.

Over the course of 2 days, more knowledge than what was paid for was imparted. It was highly informative and covered every minute aspect of understanding the basics of Wedding Planning.

Several aspiring wedding planners attended the Bootcamp and participated enthusiastically. They thoroughly made use of the opportunity of interacting with the speaker and sharing their views and opinions.

Ms. Manasa did an excellent job with her approach towards conducting the Bootcamp. She explored the nitty-gritties of wedding planning, shared the tools and techniques that are in use today and made sure that our participants were equipped and ready to organize their first wedding after attending the Bootcamp.

The entire Bootcamp series is a venture that is initiated by team.i – The Entertainment and Media Institute and is offered free of cost for the students of team.i.

For those of you who missed attending the Bootcamp on either or both days and still wish to experience it, can click here to view the session on demand https://bit.ly/2AbqyKp

Participation Certificates will be Issued

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