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Behind The Scenes of Event Management

As someone who enjoys sharing his experience, encouraging and guiding those who show a keen interest in event management, it comes as no surprise that Mr. Arvind Jyot Sabhaney was recently a part of the much acclaimed talk show, the “Who’s who on Hoopsters: The league of action heroes”, a platform where they try answering questions that many seek but are afraid of asking with regards to the event space. 

They bring in industry and domain experts to share their stories and inspire, motivate and encourage those interested in the field. 

Over the course of one hour, Arvind answered several questions on events, event management and the many changes that the industry has been through over the last three decades or so.

Arvind went on to speak about his company, Zeroin Management Pvt. Ltd. and how it today serves as the umbrella brand for many other successful businesses that he is running.

A quick mention of the many initiatives that were taken under the Zeroin name, including the all-women driving rally, Driven, DJAmathon, a musical extravaganza executed on a global scale, the  Corporate League, Espousal, the first ever global wedding expo and last but not the least, team.i – The Entertainment and Media Institute.


Arvind is also the co-founder and mentor of KEMA – The Karnataka Event Management Association that was founded on the pretext of encouraging event professionals to imbibe a sense of collaboration rather than competition, keeping in mind the betterment of the industry, going forward.

When asked about how event management has changed over the years, his reply consisted of several real life examples, giving the audience an opportunity to not only understand better but also relate to the many ways in which they have themselves been a part of these changing times.

Who is event management for?

A question that is commonly asked but for one that we don’t always find the satisfactory answer, Arvind does a brilliant job in putting across relevant points to consider and how it is important to look for opportunities that help build a career rather than just a job. 

He goes on to speak about the change in the clientele and the advanced informational accessibility that they now enjoy, making the job harder for event professionals around the globe. 

Change in technology is yet another important topic that was discussed in great depth and its role in aiding what we now call the ‘new normal’, hybrid model of event management.

Throwing light on the many ways in which the virtual experience seems to be taking over the on-ground, in-person events was yet another interesting topic that was covered during the course of the session.

With over 60 virtual platforms available today, India is seeing a significant inflow of global clients, seeking out opportunities to enhance client experience.

The pandemic and its various adversities were also discussed with regards to the event industry keeping in mind those who suffered in terms of unemployment and the industry’s efforts in lending out a helping hand.

For those looking to make a career in event management as well as those already a part of it, Arvind also spoke in depth about the changing times and its impact on the event and entertainment industry.

His words of advice, anecdotes and pieces of encouragement, served as the perfect accompaniment to the wonderful discussion that took place. 

To wrap up the session, Arvind went on to answer several questions put forward by the audience.

All in all, an insightful, interesting and interactive session, a huge shoutout to those who were a part of it and made the event the success that it was.

In case you missed it, Watch this recording here.

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