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Become a Wedding Planning Professional

A unique wedding planning program, designed and structured to create wedding planners of the future. An exciting opportunity for aspiring wedding professionals to realize their dreams the right way. Enquire Now

How will you learn

  • Learn from, experienced wedding planners and through industry on-ground experience 

  • Case study based learning 

  • Multiple dimension experience from subject matter experts

  • Theory and practical knowledge based program 

  • On ground internship opportunities

  • Byte sized modules 

  • Interactive classroom style learning 

  • Job Assistance

About the program

The Hybrid Certificate Program In Wedding Planning is a one-of-a-kind wedding planning program to help create a platform for aspiring wedding planners to learn, grow and explore the world of weddings. A comprehensive and dynamic learning opportunity, this program allows them to explore their understanding of the industry in a manner most suitable for the reality of the wedding sector in the country and abroad.



Become a wedding planner in 3 months

  1. 20 sessions
  2. 2 hours per session
  3. Weekend classes (Sat & Sun) – 2 sessions (4hours per week)
  4. Total of 5-weekend course with 1-month internship
  5. Part of CPEM Curriculum at team.i
  6. A hybrid styled program to be conducted On Ground & Online


Those looking to one day own a successful wedding planning company, are passionate about creating memorable weddings and are highly creative and driven about everything wedding planning related will most definitely benefit greatly from a program of this nature.




Admission Procedure

Go through the steps below to complete your application process:

  • Fill the application form- Application Form
  • Pay Rs. 2,000 to do an online aptitude test- Register
  • Schedule an interview with the Director of team.i

About the program : The Online Certification Course in Event Management or the Event Career Kick-starter Program is a 4 month course in Event Management that acts as a stepping stone for those who see themselves one day taking the event industry by storm.

What skills you will learn in this course : Apart from the skills required to make a successful event planner, you will be learning skills such as communication, leadership, multitasking and other important life skills that will help you in everyday life as well.

Who should take this online course in event management? : Anyone who is keen in making a career for themselves in the field of events will benefit by taking up this course as it gives them a 360 degree understanding of the nuances of the industry in just 4 months.


How do I get started?

It’s easy. Simply fill out our application form or call us at _____ to enroll over the phone.

How much does the Certificate Program in Wedding Planning cost?

The course fee for On Ground coaching will be 35,000/- PLUS a 1-month internship while the course fee for Online coaching will be 20,000/- WITHOUT internship.

Is team.i accredited?
Most definitely so. Through this program we aim to help aspiring and passionate event enthusiasts find their niche in the industry. The ECK program will help to develop their passion and focus their interests in the field of event management in which they wish to one day make a career out of.
When do the classes begin?

Classes, both online and offline are set to begin on the 28th of August, 2021. 

Will I have to quit my job or school to pursue this course?

Absolutely not. We understand the tight schedules that are in play today and that is why our courses are designed to help you accordingly. The classes, both online and offline, will take place on weekends, for 2 hours each day, bringing that to a total of 20 sessions over the course of 5 weekends. Depending on whether you would like to pursue an internship, you can choose between online or offline classes.




Do I need prior training or experience in the field?

Prior training or experience is not a prerequisite. The course has been designed to take you from wherever you are now to wherever you want to go. Our training starts with the basics and gradually moves on to more advanced skills and techniques.




Will I be able to get a job after completing this course?

team.i – The Entertainment and Media Institute has a proud history of training successful event professionals including several wedding planners. Every student, upon completion of the course will receive a Certificate of Completion that proves you have the skills required to make it in the field. In addition, the internship opportunity will enable you to network and grow your professional network, opening up a plethora of career opportunities for you.





Will financial aid be made available?

Given the short duration and the low cost of the course, there is no financial aid that has been allocated at present. Special consideration will however most definitely be given keeping in mind the situation.





About Us

team.i, The event management Institute is a premier Business School located in the heart of Bangalore.
team.i was founded to address the needs of one of the most trans-formative and rapidly developing sectors in the country and the world – Media and entertainment. We have become the pioneers and an authority for education in the field of non-traditional arts.

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