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Dharti’s big breakthrough in life with team.i

Living by the motto ‘Creativity is key’, we were joined by Dharti Momaya Kothari on the 3rd of August for a thrilling team.i Insta Live Series (TILS) which is a bunch of inspiring sessions with the alumni of team.i. Dharti Momaya is a partner of Blume, a luxury floral design and decor company. 

Always having a keen interest in the event industry , Dharti along with pursuing her undergraduate degree in Christ University, Bangalore did a course with team.i which gave her a life changing experience.


Journey at team.i –

In 2007 she got home, to her parents a brochure which seemed very interesting to her. She always wanted to do something like what was offered at team.i but never thought that someone could teach it formally. She then decided to go ahead and start a new course at team.i also giving her a new direction in life. At that point of time, back in 2006/2007 there was no other college offering a course in Event Management. This is one of the main reasons why Dharti joined team.i where she was taught and guided by Arvind Jyot Sabhaney, CEO team.i.

Here she made a lot of friends who she is in touch with even today. She came into team.i blank and clueless about what she had to do. Eventually she found herself and got the right direction. 

She along with theory and assignments got a chance to intern and work with industry experts  for a few large scale shows, concerts, birthday parties, corporate events and out station weddings. This experience is something she treasures even today. She then interned with Zeroin for data entry. She finally felt found after the course. 

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What is Blume Floral Decor ?

Blume floral decor is a partnership firm owned by Dharti and Ashik Madhu where they focus on festival venue management, catering, photography, flowers and more. 

She even had a company called Green Heart where they did flea markets and had a 2 day festival where artists came and showcased their skills and talent. 

Tell us about your best event experience – 

6 sleepless nights, 60 labours and 1 week’s time is all Dharti and her team had to put up the biggest Christmas structure in Vega City Mall, Bangalore. With the fear of completion on time and the challenges they had to face, it had become a task for Dharti to make this possible and prove to the world. With a lot of shouting, fighting, sweat and tears this was possible and a moment of pride. They had never done something like this and on such a large scale. A crane was bought to set up the 60 feet christmas tree along with 8 30 feet reindeer. It was featured in the media and the newspaper.  

Heard about sit down lunches ? – initiative by Dharti 

Many people had a lot of dead stock and waste which they had to throw out during the lockdowns and Dharti was one of them. She faced the difficulty of sending her labourers back. There was no cash flow and very few enquiries. 

In the middle of all this Dharti came up with an idea of sit down lunches. Top chefs would get the ingredients and go to houses and prepare a 5 or 7 course meal and you could call your near and dear ones and dine with them. It was an experience where you are like a guest in your own house. It is like you have a platter and you have to fill it with whatever you want, says Dharti. 

Take on EMpulse-an Event Management Fest-

Dharti says to Dream it and Make it. Your thought process needs to be crystal clear. Dream it and sell it to someone who values it. She says EMpulse is a great opportunity and acts as a stage to showcase talent and find hidden talent.

In case you missed it, watch the IGTV recording here. Follow team.i on Instagram and visit our website.


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