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Freedom That The Event Management Field Offers

“With opportunities comes the freedom to live life on your own terms”.

A truer saying could not be used in the case of event management as a career choice. Today, with an abundance of career opportunities that our youth are offered, understanding what it is that they are looking for is where employers, colleges and human resource teams need to pay the most attention.

From global opportunities to working on digital platforms, aspiring professionals have a wide range of options to choose from. Speaking about the event management field in specific, what is it that makes it so appealing to the youth of today?

With no two days being exactly the same, event management screams ‘exciting’ in more ways than one.

From working on a wide range of events, to meeting thousands of event professionals, sharing ideas and bringing it to life, adapting to global trend changes and working on taking the industry to the next level, the opportunities to not only grow as a professional but make the most of your career is just the freedom that comes with choosing event management as a career. 

Speaking on this topic, we have Mr. Arvind Jyot Sabhaney, CEO and Director of team.i-The Entertainment and Media Institute who has through a short YouTube clip, shared his opinion on what it means to be an event management professional, the freedom it offers and how you can now choose to lead such an exciting career by starting it the right way through the Certificate Program in Event Management offered by the team.i

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