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How Event Management Aspirants and Students Can Make Best Use of This Quarantine Period

With the novel coronavirus spreading rapidly across the world and a lot of governments, businesses, and universities have now come under severe pressure. As the situation develops, you would be able to get track of all developments with the information hub on coronavirus.

Thus, in amidst this large panic, a lot of people might wonder whether there would be any way of continuing their way of life with just a few necessary tweaks.

Definitely, anyone can just keep going with their work, whether they are working individuals, university students or college students around the world or in India.

Could you think about all the newly found out wants that results from the majority of people working or studying from the comfort of their homes, relocation of student classrooms from physical to the cloud ones and all leisure activities shifting from the theaters and arenas to other gaming systems and movie archives on the internet.

The same is also applicable for universities in India with their distance learning programs in times of crisis for fighting Coronavirus India.

Going for the distance learning way

Learning on the internet has been an evolving and growing industry until a lot of regulations makes it difficult for profitable educational organizations that they advanced this idea. Thus the same technology helps the students of team.i campus to continue their event management program curriculum from their homes.

Thus, our institution realizes the benefits of accommodating more to our online learning programs in these hard times. In addition to the study programs students can also supplement their learning with these tips for ensuring a much better outcome for the future.

Making an Academic Plan

One of the best ways to manage stress with efficient technique is writing down notes, college projects, plan, etc. and this helps in gathering a lot of information and memorizing it. You can consider this as unplugging often for timely supplementing online learning portals and digital applications with the help of a notepad, notebook and a paper planner.

You can keep track of all the completed assigned academic work by gathering essential resource documents, etc. by having a monthly calendar. One all the vital monthly dates get noted down in the calendar, it is better to break the week out in weekly schedule for studying that personally works well.

Make Sure to Have Everything Organized

Teachers, students, bloggers and almost mostly collects notes, to-dos, essential dates and a lot more in random paper slips. For avoiding things slipping through cracks, it’s best to have such info in single place.

For this it is best to have an academic planner. The point here would be to have all relevant documents with the handy info stored conveniently digitally or tangibly so these are immediately available on requirement.

This is one of the most vital aspects as event management makes us learn organization with increase in productivity and reducing any stress.

Practice the Things you have Learned

If you are able to explain lessons to anyone else, then the studying simply pays off. This is a simple yet efficient study tip meant for testing study habits after discussion of everything that you have learned. There are a lot of ways through which this can be done while you still comply with social distancing:

You can practice explaining things that you have learned from family members that have been following the COVID19 quarantine in the outbreak.

You can have online practice sessions with your friends as well.

Try practicing and revising facing a mirror.

You can record yourself while explaining the things that you have learned.

Learning with Music Breaks

Here we are not talking about leisure or entertainment time as without having the right music you can just end up listening a lot to it while doing almost nothing. Playing the right music becomes powerful tool that helps in boosting energy, mood along with focus. You can have a study playlist that inspires and motivates.

Thousands of our students throughout the world can easily remain focused with availability of customer playlists. The best playlists can be explored for finding inspiration and studying.

Having Group Study Sessions Online

People have tried a lot for doing social distancing and making reduction in the spread of coronavirus, getting the safest interaction would be quite helpful, especially for study purpose.

You can consider organizing virtual group study with friends for only not getting a little socialized in the current COVID19 lockdown period but also for holding people accountable for academic aspirations.

Better Practice Means Better Test Anxiety

Test anxiety would require students of different ages and also rehearsing material that would help you in feeling a lot more relaxed on the day of exam.

You can take benefit of almost all resources on the internet available (e.g., interactive quizzes, virtual flashcards, practice tests, etc.).

So if you are not sure about the online resources and school offers, you can email teacher(s) and also make a general online search for an examples of practice tests within the subject, where you get a lot of practice materials for helping in your event management college exam prep.

Try Signing up for Webinars

Webinars are among the best ways for learning a lot about certain topics in shorter time period, typically 60 minutes. Even better, these can get guided by anyone, mostly in real time, so you are able to ask questions while enjoying on a classroom feeling

The online webinars for event management courses include a lot of info on all the topics with virtual support for clearing doubts and making it simple for event management students to understand.

There are dedicated help sessions through, chat, email, telephone, etc. These are worthy for clearing out on anything related to the course.

Getting Certified Online

This would be the completed step for walking with certifications when you are all done with learning.

If you have gotten certified, it shows that you have passed examination provided by certifying bodies, that can be leveraged upon job hunting or simply just aiming for promotion. This is largely dependent on the industry.

A lot of options such as programs and courses are there for certification for event management.

After selecting digital course, you can consider different areas where you lack skills after checking on job advertisements. Often you get specifications about preferred or required certifications.

While you select a certifying body, you can also check on the credentials for ensuring legitimacy.

Why it’s Time to Invest in New Skills for your Career?

This extra time is usable for bolstering the resume and learning different skills that help in becoming the best at what you are able to do.

Upon searching for an event management job after some time, or while looking for a new event management job profile, you can invest in this time for making the best out of it.

Why Would Online Event Planning Courses be Recommended?

With event planning course you can easily equip with the best available industry practices and it ensures that you are outstanding in crowded field.

Regardless of what your career plans for event management are, these online courses can easily get you started with all the essentials of the topic even in the quarantine period. There are a lot of things that can be considered before selection of event planning courses.

Relevant Curriculum

The event planning type that you can easily pursue? Parties? Wedding Planning? Corporate events? There are a lot of different paths that can be taken after becoming event planner, so it’s best to ensure that the course you consider would be quite relevant for the career path.

A few event planning courses are quite general, whereas with others you dive in niche fields. Thus, it would be great to begin with general courses for discovering anything that works fine for you.

Not only you learn all the essentials, but you will easily be able to implement strategies and tools that the course teaches you.

These online courses from team.i are meant for becoming successful in the field in your long-term career. As gradually you gain confidence and become more comfortable, you will surely be able to learn a lot newer tools and strategies that these courses provide you.

Developing Career with Event Management

Making a career in the field of event management would require mastering a lot of skills, being creative and also being prepared for any issues with a lot of patience.

Being concerned with the educational qualification, applying for special event management course after the 12th standard or simply basic graduation would be fine.

For being a successful event manager, you have to develop your communication abilities for nurturing better relations. Event management is all about creating a fine network that you would learn overtime and sensibly apply this in real world work scenarios.


So, if you are quite clear on moving ahead with growth, there are a lot of basics that can be followed for preparing yourself ahead on the way.

The vital skills required by professionals in event management are mostly in public relations area, marketing skills, creativity, organizational skills, analytical ability, management and networking skills.

If you are completed with the online learning process from team.i in your coronavirus lockdown time and are looking forward to follow your ambition of becoming an event professional, you should begin applying for the same.

However, before doing it, it should be ensured that everything is in order.

For the detailed information on our Online Program in Event Management, go through this free case study https://go.teami.org/case-study to understand how you can gain Event Industry Exposure and get a well-paid Event Manager job within 4 months




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