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How to Become an Event Planner?

Do you dream of becoming an Event Planner?  Would you like to start your own Event Planning company soon?  Read on to know how you can make it come true

What does an Event Planner do?

As an Event planner you will coordinate and manage all aspects of an event.  You could be from any discipline or field.  Starting from the role of  a catering or decoration in charge, you might go on to completely manage events as large as international conventions.  All you need is determination, hard work and the right training and handholding.

Event Planning entry level essentials

  1. You can enter the field of Event Planning with a certification in hospitality management, marketing, , public relations and    But why not a specific degree in Event Management/Planning. It is an independent and well recognized discipline today.
  2. In the absence of a certification a minimum of two years of work experience would be necessary.
  3. The ability to work under pressure is a primary requirement for a fast-growing career.
  4. Creativity and out of the box thinking are important to survive today’s unscrupulous competition.
  5. Other must have skills for success in this profession
    • Strong oral and written communication
    • Customer service
    • Ability to organize
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Negotiation and problem-solving skills.
    • Ability to multi-task and organize
  6. You will not go very far without sufficient computer knowledge
  7. Skills in handling different platforms on social media will create demand for you in the industry.
  8. You will climb the ladder fast if you love to experiment with latest methods and technology.

Steps for becoming an Event Planner

  1. Certification in Event Management /Planning: team.i-the Entertainment and Media Institute, Bangalore, is the premier training  institute in India  for  Event Planning.  It  will give you the perfect blend of theory and practical   to make you future ready  through its Certificate and Online Program in Event Management. To get the details you could check the link www.teami.org
  2. Complete an internship: Industry projects and internships are an integral component of  a good program in Event Planning/ Management. Team.i has an unmatched industry network developed over 16 dedicated years.  Experts from the industry play a significant role in training students   by   making them work for events.  This gives them true understanding of industry dynamics and hands on experience in management methodology and systems.
  3. Planning experience: You could start out early and small. Take up independent assignments of planning meetings and conferences for small organizations.  You could also   initiate with single tasks for big events such as coordinating catering or looking after amenities even while you are an administrator with some organization.
  4. Tech upgradation: It would be necessary to keep yourself upbeat with the latest technology, software and equipment’s.  You should be comfortable handling large data bases
  5. Effective networking: Once you are sure that Event Planning is your ultimate  career option, it is important to be in a loop of professional organizations from the field.  At team.i you are trained for  impactful networking and also already provided with a robust  network of brands  to  make your career journey smoother and simpler.
  6. Specialize: In order to be up the ladder as an expert you will need to check your area of interest and skills. You could choose to be a Wedding Event Planner, Special Event Planner, Corporate Event Planner and so forth.  i helps you specialize in one among more than 20 areas of event planning within just one year through its Certificate Program.
  7. Marketing: Use pictures, brochures and invitations of events you have planned.  Sharing your work and success stories online   are catalyst’s in the process of expanding your horizons.  A powerful website, active social media accounts and business cards are important to  keep  stakeholders informed.
  8. Registration and business plan: If own venture is your dream, get the required licenses. Register a company name. This will soon give wings to the ideas that   have rested for a long time.
  9. Budget: It is important to start setting funds aside for that beginning which may happen any day.
  10. Own vender network: Start developing a list of suppliers and venders. There could be caterers, photographers, decorators, entertainers and all those service providers   you will  need in your team.

You will become an Event Planner only when you start planning events. Team.i could be   your guide   from step1.

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