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How to Run Virtual Events using the Latest Technologies, Tactics & Strategies

With COVID 19 wrecking havoc across the event industry, event cancellations along with the inevitable economic loss are ineffable with there being no sign of revival for the next 9-12 months. 

While most event planners are struggling to cope with the fallout, there are some who have taken this as an opportunity to reinvent their approach towards conducting events.

Adopting the latest technologies, tactics and strategies to run state of the art virtual events are extremely engaging and profitable and can be seen to eventually become the “new normal.”

On the 21st of May, 2020, team.i conducted the 10th session of the team.i event edu series where Mr. Jaichander presided over the session. 

The CEO of Sarcon Technologies, Mr Jaichander specializes in working with hybrid event management and engagement software platforms that can be used to make conferences, exhibitions and events of all types completely online.

Over the course of 2 hours, a few topics of discussion included:
– Assessing the current situation, Case Studies
– Basics of Virtual Events – What is possible right now
– Typical User Experience flow In a Virtual Event
– Live demo of a virtual event

While the target audience consisted mainly of event planners, managers, consultants, marketers, event companies and marketing and advertising agencies, the overall aim of the session was to provide a means of bringing about an awareness of the radical changes that the event industry will be facing in the coming future as a result of conducting virtual events.

Aspiring event planners along with event management enthusiasts will benefit greatly from attending the session as it will give them the opportunity to be better prepared for the industry has in store for them.

Mr. Jaichander’s approach towards the session was one of absolute professionalism and done with thorough research and understanding of the topic of discussion. He was able to keep the attendees engaged, alert and curious for more.

The attendees freely participated in the discussion and contributed in ways of their own by suggesting ideas and sharing experiences. The knowledge gained and the opinions shared was truly a wonderful experience for all present.

If you missed out on this incredible intellectual session, don’t worry, we got you covered.

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