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Tanya’s Journey From Fine Arts To Events – team.i And Its Role In It All

A beautiful series of interactive, informative, and inspirational sessions with the alumni of team.i, here is a glimpse of our live session which was joined by one such member of the institution who is very well known in her career as an Event Planner.

Mrs. Tanya Shah is a successful Event Planner and we had the opportunity to hear her journey through our live session on the 23rd July, 2021.

She is someone who always wanted to learn new things and get as much exposure in her career as possible. As a student of fine arts she had a deeper understanding of the artistic and creative side of events which encouraged her to participate in a lot of fashion-related initiatives during her college life.

In no time, she started working with Showhouse, through the influence of our Event Management Institute where she gained a lot of experience and encouraged by the success in her life she decided to start her own company called Avant Events and Entertainment.

How team.i shaped her career

Tanya was fortunate enough to land her first job in Showhouse, which moulded herself and the institute gave her a lot of opportunities to meet new people, to work in different event organizations which gave her exposure to be able to meet great industry leaders and working on-site and not just get theory-based knowledge.

What are your thoughts on events in the year 2022?

Tanya is confident that the event space will be booming whether there are 200 people involved or less, especially in the wedding sector as people are always making it grand during this time as well and it’s going to be great for events in 2022 as she believes that events will see one of the best fazes till date.

What is your take on EMpulse?

She believes that EMpulse is a very cool idea and a very interesting one at that, especially for freshers. Tanya strongly believes that the newer generation brings the freshest ideas to any platform.

How did you deal with the pandemic?

Tanya understands that while a lot of people faced a lot of challenges this past year, she on the other hand had one of the best years of her life. She rediscovered herself and engaged in self learning along the way. She traveled to Goa for 5 months, learned yoga which completely changed her life, learned meditation, and learned how to live in the NOW.

How do fine arts help you in events?

Tanya is of the opinion that sometimes you don’t realize that what you have learned in college will help you in the events that you’re doing. She was always inclined towards abstract planning or doing it the unconventional way. Moving beyond the brand and making it a benchmark is something that helped her improve her art.

Parting thoughts

“Be kind, have empathy towards each other and to yourselves and if you can do that you will build a sense of understanding and will be able to deal with problems more efficiently.”

In case you missed it Watch this recording here and follow team.i on Instagram for more such alumni videos. 

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