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Press Release by Everything Experiential

Given the current state of affairs, nothing is as we once knew it to be.

As we approach what we hope to be the gradual recession of this calamity, the new question that arises is, what next?

How do we continue doing what we do but in a completely new and different manner?

The future of the event industry, an industry that is focused around social gatherings and interactions in its entirety, while may seem uncertain, the event professionals of our time think otherwise.

Doing what they do best, these talented individuals have taken several steps towards ensuring the future of the industry is not only safe but a thriving one at that.

From hybrid events to the advancements of technology and its usages in the industry, 2020 has proven to be the year of immense opportunity in great adversity for event professionals across the globe.

To know how, read the full coverage by EVERYTHING EXPERIENTIAL about team.i on the topic – The New Future Of Event Management In Post Covid Era

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