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team.i Assisted Bhawana To Find Her Future Career

A communications professional, living by the motto that nothing can beat hard work, patience and pursuance, Our Alumni Speaker Bhawana Singh, Principal Consultant, Partner & Branch Head at Evoc Communications.
Bhawana comes with 14 years of Experience in the Industry, has been a part of several exciting initiatives over the  years, some of which include, the launch of the Bangalore Airport (BIAL), Infosys, and the HomeLane.com Experience. A lover of dance and yoga in equal measure, also a budding gardening and home decor enthusiast as well as a Madhubani artist who spends her free time pursuing her interests along with managing a successful professional career.
How has the Institute helped you in moulding your career?

“ I am really thankful to the Institute for helping me find my Career path. Firstly the Institute really helped us in giving exposure to the Field works through Events and especially helped me to connect with the right organization which was my first Company called “Practice” and it led the way for my Future Career.”

What do you think about the Event Industry in upcoming years?

“For Events I think largely it’s going to be a mixture of both Virtual and Physical Events. Probably some people will explore Physical Events and some will restrain and stick to virtual Events. So, I think  for the next  2- 3 years both physical and virtual events will be Present.”

What do you think of the upcoming college fest Event (EMpulse)?

“It’s really an exciting concept, especially for students. It would give them an opportunity to explore and push their boundaries further. I would suggest Go and Grab the opportunity because this is the time when you get to experiment and explore yourself.”

Any Piece of Advice for the Students of team.i

“Don’t hesitate to push yourself and the boundaries around you, Explore your talent. In the early years of the Career try to experiment as much as you can and you will find your right path or right calling after that just give it your best.”

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