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Wedding Industry Overview

An estimated 10 million weddings take place in India every year and the Indian wedding market is estimated to be worth $80 billion per yearGrowing at an exponential rate, wedding planning as an event industry sector has evolved to great heights today.

Budding event professionals are strongly considering wedding planning as a career choice, given the numerous global opportunities that it has opened up.

The Evolution of Wedding Planning

Long gone are the days when brides didn’t see their wedding venue till the actual day, when small, intimate family gatherings became the biggest celebration in the lives of two people coming together in marital bliss.

Today, weddings have evolved, drastically, a lot of which can be credited to social media platforms, accessibility to global trends and an increase in the spending power of individuals across the globe.

Wedding planning in itself has undergone a dynamic shift in order to cater to these changing times, from today offering industry specific wedding planning courses, wedding planning services, and consultancy services, the structure, business objectives and planning tools and techniques used are true reflections of the incredible growth this industry has witnessed over the years.

 The Purpose of an Engagement

The coming together of two individuals in love, marking the start of a wonderful journey ahead, the merging of families, creating memories to last a lifetime and enjoying celebrating the attendance of near and dear ones, the purpose of an engagement is all of this and much more. 

Current statistics for marriage-bound couples

In Bengal, over 1.8 lakh weddings were solemnized in 2021, the biggest number of marriages in a single year in recent memory.

According to sources, the number could be even higher because many couples request for registration after their social nuptials, which can take weeks or even months.

The year 2021 was marked by the deadly second wave of the pandemic, which wreaked havoc on people’s lives and livelihoods for more than four months.

Despite this, the government has registered nearly 1.8 lakh weddings. This is the highest figure in a year in recent memory, with an increase in the cost of wedding planning to increase by 15% approximately.

Importance of Wedding Seasons

When it comes to Indian weddings in specific, a lot of consideration is given to dates, astrological and religious beliefs.

There are certain months, days and even time frames in specific that are looked into to mark auspicious events.

Speaking of weddings in particular, a lot of care and pre-planning is done to ensure that every effort is made to plan a wedding in the right season, encouraging the start of a wonderful life of togetherness, the right way.

The Wedding Budget

One of the biggest factors of wedding planning is the budget. From big Indian weddings to extravagant destination weddings, wedding planners are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to planning dream weddings for their clients. 

With luxury events, come the big budget, from elaborate wedding venue decors, catering, the wedding truso and the several other logistical elements that come at a soaring price. 

Today, there is no shortage of ideas and creative channels to allow clients to plan and execute the wedding of their dreams and wedding planners are doing an exceptional job in catering to these visions, no matter the budget.

How to start a career as a wedding planner?

Wedding planning is today attracting a lot of budding event professionals looking to make successful careers in the field.

Breaking geographical barriers, exploring the advancements on technology and creating diverse, innovative and once-in-a-lifetime experiences is what the wedding industry has been working towards and significant results are already being witnessed on a global scale.

With such rapid evolution comes the need for skilled, knowledge and passionate wedding planners and we at team.i are here to cater to just that. 


Proud to present, a new and exciting addition to the many courses offered at team.i, The Hybrid Certificate Program In Wedding Planning is a one-of-a-kind wedding planning program to help create a platform for aspiring wedding planners to learn, grow and explore the world of weddings.

A comprehensive and dynamic learning opportunity, this program allows you to explore your understanding of the industry in a manner most suitable for the reality of the wedding sector in the country and abroad.

Being a hybrid course in nature, the opportunities it offers are limitless. From online classes to internship projects in various aspects of wedding planning the CPWP is truly one of a kind.

Here is your chance to now kick-start your wedding planning career the right way.

Enroll today and take the first step towards turning that dream into the reality you always saw for yourself.

Wedding planning is so much more than just organizing a wedding. It is the collaborative effort in turning lifelong dreams into reality, allowing individuals to experience some of the most cherished memories that they will ever experience.


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