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What did Anjali have to say about the Pre-classes ?

Anjali joined team.i in the month of January, 2021, at a time when pre classes were being conducted virtually. 

An initiative to encourage better learning and provide students with an insight into the curriculum at team.i, pre-classes have greatly helped several students better understand the world of event management, giving them an edge over their peers.

A passionate, hard-working and committed young individual, Anjali was excited to begin her career in events through team.i.

The pre classes proved to be extremely helpful in more ways than one, including helping Anjali understand the importance of effective research and building good presentation skills.  

She is of the opinion that research is often undermined in its efforts but in reality, this is definitely not true! 

Anjali learned very quickly that you need a lot of patience to look for information in depth and the role of sound research is very important in the life of an event manager!

A few other areas of learning that she shared included the class on presentation, where she learned that it’s very important you have accurate information and be able to present it in a creative and comprehensive manner, through the means of various visual and audio applications available today. 

Good communication skills are equally important in order to connect with the audience.  

While the other students presented, she took the opportunity to observe and learn from them, helping her improve on her own skills and knowledge.

Anjali shares an example of an assessment where they were judged on 5 main aspects in their presentation which carried 25 marks each:

  1. Content 
  2. Research 
  3. Presentation 
  4. Presentation skills 
  5. How do you present yourself in front of others? 

These classes were really useful and it helped in building her confidence and presentation skills. 

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