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Why Must An Event Planner Learn PowerPoint?

Ever since its inception dating back to the late 90’s, the uses of PowerPoint across various platforms and domains alike have been significant. 

Being used in various capacities by individuals, professionals, students and entrepreneurs, its user-friendly interface, editing options and display setting options have evolved exponentially making its accessibility all the more so.


Why do you suppose an event planner must know their way around PowerPoint?

Here are a few reasons we could think of:

1. Presentation Skills

A sound set of presentation skills is an absolute must for an event planner and with PowerPoint, one can enjoy the professionalism and efficiency that the widely used software offers in more ways than one, including presenting information to potential clients and stakeholders.

2. Organized Presentations

Through PowerPoint, an event planner can be sure of keeping his/her presentations visually appealing and organized at all times, allowing  them to showcase their event concepts and proposals making for a perfect pitch to be presented.

3. Keeping it brief

More often than not, event meetings can drag on without any direction long after the brief has been met but through the help of presentations using PowerPoint, presenters can stay on track and cover important aspects about the topic without any distraction.

4. Confidence Boost

 A well put together PowerPoint presentation can go a long way in boosting the confidence of the event planner. Using the right visual effects can help them present their topics in a manner that can better help to make the client understand the idea.

5. Strong Communication tool

PowerPoint can be used by event planners as a strong tool of communicating to the client complex ideas through the help of innovative slides and minimized content.

PowerPoint can also be used to create budget and timeline proposals, as well as to present event schedules and agendas.

6. Better Presentations

 Adding to the fourth point, event planners using PowerPoint can enjoy the luxury of having some of the best presentations to offer their clients, making their idea exciting and unique while presenting.

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7. Visual Appeal

 With several templates and color schemes to pick from, event planners can use PowerPoint to make striking presentations, sending out messages to the client that can go a long way in making or breaking a deal.

8. Making an Impact

Aimed at leaving a positive impression, event planners strive to make their presentations client oriented at all times. PowerPoint allows them to do just this and then some.

PowerPoint can also be used to create promotional materials for events, such as flyers and brochures.

As seen through the help of these points, the uses of PowerPoint and knowing how to use it are crucial for any event planner looking to make impactful presentations.

Learning PowerPoint can also help event planners stay competitive in the industry by demonstrating their proficiency in the software to potential clients.

Given its accessibility and availability, at team.i, we give our students the benefit of the doubt in regards to having a basic understanding of PowerPoint. If not, we urge them to make the most of their time now, as they are learning and building new skills to also pick up on the fundamentals of PowerPoint.

We hope this has helped provide a better understanding on how you can now work towards building a successful career in event management.

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