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What are the different types of Events?

What are the different types of Events?

  Event Management is effectively breaking down silos by letting people choose their career path wisely based on their talents. Very early in life, we see that some of us are in a place to handle people effectively and smoothly, while some of us are experts in...

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Event Management as a Career

Event Management as a Career

Have you attended a wedding, a rock concert, or seen sports events on TV; and thought how cool it would be to manage these events? Then you should seek out a career in event management. An event can be a simple birthday celebration, social gathering, engagement,...

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team.i, The event management Institute is a premier Business School located in the heart of Bangalore.
team.i was founded to address the needs of one of the most trans-formative and rapidly developing sectors in the country and the world – Media and entertainment. We have become the pioneers and an authority for education in the field of non-traditional arts.

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